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World Cup Pictures

    15th of November, 2006

    After a long while I finally added some new pictures in the Gallery under People. The World Cup was a great time and I really enjoyed. The feeling in Germany was just Happiness...even to the end. I hope I can express this feeling with my pictures. Please have a look.

    I also added Google Adsense on my site and would appreciate if you could click one of the links if possible. Thank you very much in advance.

No new pictures

    3rd of June, 2006

    Unfortunatly I did not find much time to take new pictures. I will probably get some nice opportunities this weekend on my trip to "Helgoland"...if it will not rain again.

Pictures from the largest cruise ship in the world - Freedom of the seas :

    29th of April , 2006

    I uploaded new pictures from the departure of the "Freedom of the Seas". This is the largest cruise ship in the world and was docked in Hamburg for maintenance.

Home site and contact site revised:

    17th of March , 2006

    The home site now has a randomized and larger picture which changes each time you visit my site. The contact site enables you now to submit an email directly without leaving voider.net. A big thank goes to Max for helping me with these changes. Without him the website would not have evolved this far.

Gallery is now completely embedded:

    10th of March , 2006

    If you hit the Gallery button my Gallery will appear. The flash gallery is not accessible from the previous Gallery button. If you  want to see the flash gallery you can click here. I also changed the buttons and the font color matches now the gallery.

Embedded Gallery added:

    9th of March , 2006

    The Gallery is now embedded. It is now possible to enter the "Gallery" without a pop-up window. Additionally I did change the banner, fonts, and a lot of links were updated. I have now a new section called Picture Of The Week (POTW). The picture which has the highest clicks per week will be presented there.

Website revised:

    8th of March , 2006

    Max just gave me a lot of suggestions on points which had to be improved. Thank you so much. My thanks go also to Frank from the Nikoncafe. I really appreciate the help of both of you.

Website is online:

    7th of March , 2006

    The website is finally online. Please also have a look on my new picture "Gallery". The Photo site still needs to be updated but the rest is up and running.

Webproject started:

    24th February , 2006

    I started today with creating my new website. I hope it will be a place for you to find useful information. My thanks go to Max64 at dpreview.com for his help on this project.


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